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Manchester to New York £267 return

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I'm David and I'm obsessed with finding low priced air fares.

Travel is my passion and I started searching for bargain flights so I could travel further and more often. That was over 15 years ago and I've used my cheap flight finding skills to travel to 42 countries across 6 continents.

My family and friends started asking me to share the deals with them. So I did, and many of them have been on adventures they thought they'd only ever dream about.

Now I'm sharing the best air fares I find with you so you can travel further and more often than you ever thought possible.

Recent Deal:

Heathrow to Bangkok £286 return

Frequent Questions

  • How many emails will I receive?

I usually send you one email a day, Monday to Friday. Each email has 2 to 5 deals, depending on how many I've found that day. Occasionally I'll send you an email over the weekend or a second email if I find a bargain fare that can't wait until the next day.

  • How do I book? Are you a travel agent?

I'm not a travel agent. I give you the details of the best deals and you book direct with the airline or an online travel agency.

  • Do you cover short haul flights?

I focus on long haul flights as this is where I can help you make the biggest savings. Very occasionally I'll send out a short haul deal which is exceptional value for money.

  • I've signed up by I'm not getting the emails. Why's that?

Sometimes my emails go into your spam folder or 'Promotions' tab. Have a look around your folders and if the emails aren't there get in touch at and we'll sort it out together.